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Eis um trecho da matéria a respeito no The Express Tribune, publicado com o International New York Times:

Olympics: Rio 2016 will be 'successful' says London 2012's chief organiser

SHANGHAI: Rio de Janeiro will stage a “successful” Olympics, London 2012′s chief organiser Sebastian Coe 
told AFP Saturday after concerns over preparations in the Brazilian city were raised by the IOC.
Coe was speaking after International Olympic Committee vice-president John Coates in April criticised 
the Rio preparations as “the worst that I’ve experienced” in 40 years of being involved with the 
Coates later backtracked on his comments, saying he believed Rio could still deliver “an excellent 
Games” but that “time is of the essence”.
Coe, the former head of The London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games, 
told AFP: “This is hard. I know this. No city is ever challenged in the way that it is when you deliver 
a Games, and I know that from experience.
“The Rio Games will be fine. The question we should be asking is what can the world of sport do to 
help when it is needed and I think there is a great will for the Games to go well in Brazil.
“The organising committee is a good organising committee and I am sure the Games will be 

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